The Best Dog Food for Hiking or Camping

Don't let dog food be a hinderance to your adventure plans! Taking your dog with you hiking or camping (or all of the above) is a great experience and we're sharing the best hassle-free food to bring along for your pup.



There are more dog food options available than ever before, but most don't cater to on-the-go. Kibble is bulky, wet food is heavy, fresh or raw food requires proper temperature storage like refrigeration or freezing. When it comes to travel, there is one food type above the rest in terms of convenience and ease that doesn't sacrifice nutrition: Freeze-dried raw!

Freeze-dried raw dog food offers the nutrition and benefits of a raw diet but in the most convenient way possible. During the freeze-drying process, all of the moisture is removed from the food. This makes the food shelf-stable and very light. With most of the largest freeze-dried raw dog foods available in bags under 2lbs, it won't weigh you down.


As with any raw diet, freeze-dried food is real meat and packed with protein and other nutrients. This will help keep your dog fueled and their energy levels strong so they can keep up with you. Mission Farms Complete and Balanced Formulas are 95% meat, organ, and bone with 5% pumpkin and added probiotics.

The ease of preparation also makes freeze-dried raw the best option to take along. Depending on your dog's preference, the most you'd have to do to prepare the food is crumble it in a bowl and add water to rehydrate. Serving the product dry, as-is is straight from the bag is perfectly fine as long as your dog drinks fresh water at mealtime.

So, when you're planning your next adventure, be sure to add freeze-dried raw to your list of things to bring!

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